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    COVID-19: News, Information, Resources, & Opportunities to Support

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    Ranked as the best nursing school in the world , Penn Nursing advances the entire profession, from research & education to practice  & policy

    Undergraduate and Transfer Programs

    The undergraduate and transfer program  uses hands-on, mentored education to transform what happens in the classroom to what happens in the clinical and beyond.

    Accelerated Programs

    The accelerated program suits students with ambition to expedite their education in order to enter a chosen career path as soon as possible.

    Master’s Programs

    The masters program  offers the opportunity to step to the forefront of nursing science and practice in a wide range of specialties. 

    Doctoral Programs

    Our doctoral programs are committed to producing leaders in the field of nursing science, both in scholarship and research (PhD)  and clinical scholarship and practice (DNP) .


    LGBTQ Data Added to the Pennsylvania’s COVID-19 Testing

    Governor Tom Wolf announced on March 13 that the state will include LGBTQ-specific information as part of its COVID-19 data collection. Pennsylvania Department of Health began collecting race and ethnicity data after racial disparities were revealed during the pandemic. It has expanded the effort to include sexual orientation and gender identity.



    Social Distancing and Dying Alone

    The COVID-19 pandemic has led to drastic changes in how hospitals provide end-of-life care to patients and their families. With strict no-visiting limitations in place in an effort to stem contagion, patients have been dying alone.